year of foundation
The official plant’s birthday is  the 27th of June 1916, when the decree  of  construction of Nizhny Novgorod Plant for explosives production  was issued .  The history of the FSE « Plant named after Y.M. Sverdlov» has rich historical traditions and is inevitably conjoined with the life country.

The plant today is a unique, three-times order-awarded enterprise, which has powerful ammunition loading production, multi-tonnage military and industrial explosives production, chemicals production, mechanical engineering complex, facilities for auxiliary production and well-developed social sphere.

FSE "Plant named after Y. M. Sverdlov" is the only only manufacturer of OCTOGENE and HEXOGENE in Russia.

FSE « Plant named after Y.M. Sverdlov» is the main company in the ammunition industry of Russian Federation. The plant serves as the platform for  innovative technologies development , new products and unique equipment testing, automated production control system development and implementation.

Federal highway M7
400 km from Moscow
5,0 thousands of workers
Global standards of industrial and environmental safety