Environmental policy

The company's management considers environmental issues at all stages production and focuses on the reduction of adverse impacts
on the environment.

Our values:

"Environmental care today – is a better life tomorrow"
"An open environmental policy - is a key to the plant’s reliability"

The environmental policy implementation:

Conservation of water
Conservation of the atmosphere
Reduction of harm
from production waste on the environment

Achieved due to:

  • The rational use of natural resources.
  • The compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.
  • Compliance of technological documentation in each workplace.
  • Environmental monitoring in the process of industrial environmental control.
  • Implementation of modern methods and means for project design, production and management.
  • Employees involvement in the environmental problems solving, which improves their professional competence and creates conditions for implementation of environmental safety improvements proposals.
  • Development and implementation of new technologies that enhance environmental safety and reduce the technogenic impact on the environment.

Management assumes responsibility for the environmental policy within the enterprise and is obliged to prevent acts that contradict to the above declared policy.

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