Our cup!

Our cup! 03/26/2016 From first minutes both teams have shown a spirit and desire to fight. Football players showed the real man's soccer, it is a lot of single combats, it is a lot of collisions, it is a lot of emotions. The starting piece of the first half in the asset was brought by guests who owned territorial advantage. Works at goalkeepers was not really much. On fingers of hands it would be possible to count all dangerous moments. On two blows black-and-white on Gavrikov's gate, "Chemist" has answered with couple of dangerous attacks, both from which came to an end with a foul on Bukharov. In the first case the defender has born Alexander in centimeters from the penalty area, and in the second already the goalkeeper hasn't calculated speed and has brought down our forward. The judge has immediately shown on a point. I have approached a ball Kvass and if the goalkeeper has coped with his first blow, then on finishing Sergey could strike gate.
The second half was richer in goals and the dangerous moments. In 15 minutes after renewal of a match players of "Torpedo" could use turmoil in our penalty area and have evened the score. The truth soon enough, Bukharov's efforts, "Chemist" has come forward again. But, probably, it wasn't fated to avoid a series of after match penalties. The penalty at ours a collar, a canopy and Rudakov a direct shot catches our goalkeeper on the anticourse. In a series of after match penalties in all beauty the goalkeepers of both teams who have reflected not on one blow have proved to be. The account in a series of a penalty 7:6 in our advantage. "Chemist" for the fourth time became the owner of the Cup of plant of Sverdlov.
By the end of a tournament of team have taken the following places:
1. "Chemist"
2. "Torpedo"
3. "Uranium"
4. "Volga-Olimpiyets-DYuSSh-D"
5. "Spartak"
6. "Himik-Tosol-Sintez"

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