We congratulate on a victory!

We congratulate on a victory! 04/01/2016 On March 30, 2016 in the Youth Satellite complex game brain ring "the City has taken place. Spring. Youth".
It is carried out by the Youth Initiatives center not the first year, and this year, of course, didn't become an exception! Action always takes place interestingly and positively.
This time in an intellectual duel teams have met: Council of veterans of FKP "Plant of name Ya.M. Sverdlova", "Youth Parliament", "Youth Administration", "Young Guard", RANEPA and FKP Youth organization "Plant of Ya. S. Sverdlov".
Game consisted of four rounds, each of which was in own way interesting and informative.
The first round – a blitz – poll during which participants should answer a set of questions of history of Dzerzhinsk and its sights.
The second round, has been presented in the quiz form "I know the city". Teams gave the answers to questions of history, architecture, the famous persons of the city. Especially interesting were questions in the category "New Name" in which it was necessary to restore names of streets.
One of questions of the category "Monuments" has even caused hot discussions. What monuments have been established about Drama theater and the Dzerzhinsk chemical technical school of a name of Red Army? The team of Council of veterans of FKP "Plant of name Ya.M was the only command which has given the correct answer for the matter. Sverdlova".
Not less interesting was also the third round "The future of the city in our hands". Participants of intellectual game had an opportunity to show the creative abilities and creativity. It was necessary to draw a municipal coat of arms and to explain what it means. Many sought to reflect in him several features of our city at once – chemical industry, cultural property and its prospects.
Interesting giving of the fourth round in the form of a quest "Walk around the city" has pleased participants.
Concentration, resourcefulness, erudition, the will to win, and, above all – knowledge of history of Dzerzhinsk and its sights have allowed participants a brain – a ring to prove to be the real intellectuals in difficult fight for prize-winning places.
It is better to show the knowledge of history of Dzerzhinsk the others the team of Council of veterans of FKP managed "Plant of name Ya.M. Sverdlova", the second place, with a difference in one point has borrowed team of Youth Administration, and the third belongs to team of Youth Parliament.

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