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School of skill 03/28/2016 On March 25 in the Dzerzhinsk chemical technical school of a name of Red army there have taken place the Olympic Games of professional skill. It is for the first time carried out in a new format (the integrated groups) on the specialties demanded by economy of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The competition took place in three stages, more than 3500 students of the professional and educational organizations of the Nizhny Novgorod Region became its participants. The regional stage of the Olympic Games passed on bases of the leading professional and educational organizations.
This year DHT of a name of Red Army has accepted the second stage of relay of the Olympic Games of professional skill. Winner students of the first stage of competitions on the specialties "Production of Refractory, Nonmetallic and Silicate Materials and Products", "Oil Refining and Gas", "Technology of Pyrotechnic Structures and Products" participated in him. At a regional stage in the Dzerzhinsk chemical technical school students of Borsky provincial college, Kstovsky oil technical school of Kornilov, the Dzerzhinsk chemical technical school of a name of Red Army have met.
The organizer of the Olympic Games of professional skill more than 30 years is the Ministry of Education of the Nizhny Novgorod Region with the assistance of the Center of professional development.
The director of DHT of a name of Red Army Anatoly Tyulkov has handled welcome speech to participants. He has noted that holding the similar Olympic Games in Dzerzhinsk is symbolical because our city throughout long time was considered as the capital of chemistry. The similar competition it not only check of mental abilities of students, but also has touched on the future for successful employment.
Contestants were faced by a hard task: to show the professional knowledge and skills. Under the terms of the Olympic Games participants should perform professional complex tasks which results were estimated by strict jury.
While the jury worked participants have gone to excursion to FKP "Plant of name Ya.M. Sverdlova" where have got acquainted with history of the enterprise, and, above all - have visited factory scientific and technological center and have participated in work of a round table. Guests have learned how the training issue for our enterprise is resolved. As it has appeared, this common problem for professional and educational educational institutions of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Exchange of experience was the purpose of a round table. Having acquainted attendees with how work on training in the oldest chemical technical school of Dzerzhinsk is put, his teachers M. M. Chuyeva and N. A. Brekhova have told about the practice of the focused training created in educational institution, invaluable help in which to them gives the plant and its head Vadim Rybin. With pride have shared with colleagues information on creation on the basis of technical school of the resource center as which initiator Sverdlov's plant has acted. Factory workers help with his organization by both construction materials, and repair of rooms on the 4th floor of technical school. Teachers hope that this year the resource center will begin the work.
Guests from Kstovo and Bor have shared the practices in a solution of the problem of training, and also have told about difficulties with employment of youth after the termination of educational institutions. The summary of conversation is as follows: is difficult to prepare young shots during chemical "hunger" in Russia.
In conclusion of a meeting the teacher of Kstovsky chemical technical school Tatyana Vladimirovna Lukina has expressed the general opinion of guests. She has thanked organizers for heartiest welcome, for the given opportunity to exchange experience, to visit huge plant of Sverdlov. She has told that in Dzerzhinsk it has appeared for the first time and our plant has just stunned her.
After visit on the defensive enterprise participants of the Olympic Games have returned to technical school to know the results of the held Olympic Games.
The jury has noted the high level of professional skill of participants: all students have shown worthy results. Separate words of gratitude were heard to staff of technical school for the organization and holding a competition.
After official part of jury has told the names of winners. The third place was taken by Anna Bashurina, the student of the Dzerzhinsk chemical technical school of a name of Red Army; the second place at Alexander Lukanov representing Kstovsky oil technical school of Kornilov. Maria Chireeva, also the student of Kstovsky oil technical school became the winner of the Olympic Games. Besides, all participants have received diplomas.
Ahead third final stage of the Olympic Games. We will wish to its participants good luck and victories.

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