Vadim Rybin: "I am always glad to help!"

Vadim Rybin: "I am always glad to help!" 03/22/2016 In the reception deputy of OZS 12 people have addressed. Someone from comers has for the first time asked about Vadim Rybin's help, and someone knows him as the faithful assistant who will always try to help with a difficult situation. Comers asked to promote in acquisition of necessary medicines or things, and also to render assistance in treatment passing.
So, for example, Filatova Olga Vladimirovna, mother of charming triplets, asked the deputy to render assistance in purchase of three children's car seats. Well how not to help? Of course, assistance in this question will be rendered. By the way, Filatovykh Vadim Rybin is familiar with a family for a long time and throughout all this time he tries to help and support parents having many children.
But other requests concerned only the help in passing of treatment and acquisition of drugs. These addresses arrived, as well as from veterans of plant (for example, Antonina Pavlovna Galkina or Senechkin Gennady Vasilyevich), and from residents of the 11th constituency. Someone asked for himself, and someone on treatment of children or grandsons. So, assistance in treatment of the boy will be rendered to Chistyakova Ekaterina Ivanovna, the trustee of the 5-year-old Kolya suffering from a set of diseases. And Gruzdeva Nina Sergeyevna will receive the necessary help on inspection of her grandson that the exact diagnosis has been established.
All addresses have been considered, and on everyone has been answered in the affirmative. Besides, everyone to make necessary tests, to pass additional inspections, both in state, and in private medical institutions or to go to hospital, consultation has been given, and someone also has been given help. For example, Antonina Pavlovna Galkina has been written down on the MRT procedure in private clinic absolutely free of charge.
The deputy Vadim Rybin has an opportunity to give such help thanks to his charity and the help to healthcare institutions. People feel support and see real affairs of the deputy. And they express for it to him the gratitude and gratitude.

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