Outputs have grown

Outputs have grown 04/04/2016 In shop No. 19 outputs have twice grown, also the nomenclature of products has increased. Reasons for that a little. Volumes have changed due to the working productions entered at the end of last year into structure of shop located in buildings 673, 545 and the former third site of shop No. 1. Production of the detonating cord which production has filled up the nomenclature of shop not so long ago has played a role also and today it is demanded by the market. In the next plans to finish an operating time of pilot batches of a new product and from the second half of the year to increase volumes of release of the detonating cord.
In the continuous mode since the beginning of year productions of buildings 900 and 900A work. Today the need for their production is high.
On the third site work is organized in two changes. Here let out ammonal, process of pressing of checkers is adjusted and working off of two new types of products is conducted.

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