The plant and technical school are uniform!

The plant and technical school are uniform! 03/24/2016 On March 23 in the Dzerzhinsk chemical technical school him. Red Army welcomed expensively the guest – the CEO of FKP "Plant of name Ya.M. Sverdlova", party member "United Russia", deputy of Regional Legislative assembly Vadim Rybin. Together with the director of educational institution Anatoly Tyulkov Vadim Rybin has visited the resource center, construction which has become possible in many respects thanks to the help of the city-forming enterprise. And after small excursion the meeting with students has taken place. She has passed in a form of the real dialogue: at first Vadim Rybin has told about progress in work of the enterprise for the last five years, and after everyone could ask the questions.
And to tell the head of the defensive giant really is about what. Since 2010 the plant of Sverdlov has turned into the largest enterprise in the branch making enormous profit. You shouldn't forget that all tax assignments from profit remain in the regional and city budget. For that term that Vadim Rybin is at a wheel of one of leaders of the defensive giant, the enterprise constantly develops: new productions open, workplaces are created. Besides, Vadim Rybin is proud for the fact that the management managed to keep and restore all social sphere of plant. It concerns both a dispensary "Oka", and Uran stadium, and palace of culture of Sverdlov, and children's camp "Kosmos".
Besides, Vadim Rybin actively is engaged in charity. Several tens millions of rubles have been transferred on repair in kindergartens, schools, city hospitals. By the way, five years in a row the deputy of OZS became the winner of the award "Philanthropist of Year", and in 2015 became the owner of the medal "Philanthropist of the Earth Nizhny Novgorod".
Well and, of course, the speech has come also that one of the major factors for development of plant of Sverdlov is a personnel potential. And technical school him. Red Army it is just a smithy of shots for the enterprise. By convention students at first pass at plant production and externship, and then find a job on the largest enterprise of the city.
And in the end of conversation students have given to Vadim Rybin the rank of the Master of chemical sciences.
At the end of a meeting Anatoly Tyulkov has noted that the management of plant of Sverdlov always gives help to technical school. One of the last examples – opening of the resource center. But Anatoly Mikhaylovich has emphasized that the friendship of plant and educational institution has to proceed. Decades of collaboration have proved that the plant and technical school are uniform!

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