Ammunition equipment

FSE «Plant named after Y.M. Sverdlov» is one of the largest enterprises in the ammunition industry, with unique facilities and technologies such as the production of the main types of explosives and mixed compositions thereof, as well as ammunition loading capabilities for all the armed forces of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.
Ammunition loading production chain includes modern manufacturing facilities and technologies for loading and assembly of ammunition. The company actively cooperates with various institutes-developers of ammunition in the development and production of new advanced and upgraded products, commencing at an R&D stage.

The company has developed a mechanical base

the complete meet of the production process needs in the technical equipment, press and the con-measuring equipment.

Technological processes are equipped with modern systems of management and control,

which allows to improve quality of products, to manage the process of ammunition loading in accordance with the production plan, which works in accordance with the specific technological parameters for the production of the relevant material with the required tactical-technical characteristics. This is complemented by modern management and control systems, which allow testing and diagnostics of the equipment and ammunition state.