Technical capabilities

The company is equipped with electrical erosion wire cutting model Sodick AG600L and copying-stitching machines with model ONA IV.3.60.

Electrical erosion wire-cutting and stitched erosion machines allow us to:

  • - Produce high-speed, high-precision and clean processing of complex parts maximum size 600х400х350mm, weighing up to 1000 kg
  • - Stitch holes inside the stamp linings
  • - Produce complex fine mechanical impact holes (including difficult to access areas of the rotating tool, cavities with curved axis, narrow slits of any configuration)
  • - To conduct tapered cutting inside moulds
  • - Split solids along any trajectory

Machines of this type allow to produce complex parts from alloys and hardened steels with precision in sizing and shape up to 5 micron and roughness up to 0,4 Ra, which include:

  • Pressed forms
  • Stamped parts
  • Calibres for cutting instruments
  • Tooling instrument parts
  • Parts and components of modern machines and devices

Characteristics of electrical erosion machines

  • Cutting machines

    (Processing via. non-core electrodes)
    The maximum size of workpiece: 600х400х280 mm,
    The maximum weight of 1000kg billet, machining angle ±25° to a height of 100 mm
  • Broaching machines

    (Processing via. core electrodes)
    The maximum size of workpiece: 1200х800х380 mm

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