Technical capabilities

The plant has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing the following equipment::

  • - stamps for dividing (punching, cutting, cutting, and other combinations.) and shaping (bending, exhaust, etc.) Operations
  • moulds for the manufacture of plastic parts and non-ferrous metals
  • pressing and casting tools for the manufacture of pieces of consumer facilities
  • Control and measuring tools
  • Tools for assembling products
  • Equipment for ammo manufacturing

For the manufacture of tooling, moulds and tools for the enterprise there is a broad range of equipment:

High-speed turning and milling (horizontal and vertical) machines with software that can handle parts sizes: length - up to 1,143 mm, width - 635 mm height - 710 mm. Maximum tooling unit weight – 3,200 kg.

Electric Discharge Equipment - batting (processing core electrode) and wire-cut-out machines (processing non-core electrode), max. Dimensions of workpiece: 1200h800h380 mm, weight 1000kg workpiece, machining angle ± 25 ° to a height of 100 mm, - enables a high-speed, high-precision and clean processing of complex parts, namely:

  • stitch holes in the stamp lining
  • conduct tapered cutting inside pressed moulds
  • to cut hard metals in accordance with any trajectory
  • - produce unacceptable mechanical impact finest holes (Including in inaccessible areas of the rotating tool, the cavities with a curved axis, narrow slits of any configuration) The presence of galvanic and thermal site enables chromium and heat treatment to increase the wear resistance and hardness of parts of molds and dies.

During operation, there is a gradual deterioration of parts that make up the molds and dies.

Our company carries out repair of moulds and dies, and can also produce individual parts. As a rule, repair costs, and its timing is less than the production of new equipment.

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