Technical capabilities

The company has a laboratory of non-destructive testing methods (NDTM), which conducts non-destructive quality control of manufactured equipment, performance of repair, installation work, revision of technological equipment with the issuance of conclusions based on the results of this work.

NDTM carries out the following checks:

  • visual and measuring
  • X-ray
  • ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness measurement
  • liquid penetrant or magnetic methods

NDTM staff has been trained with regard to the knowledge and application of the above methods of control, as evidenced by certificates of competency.

In its NDTM procedures the plant ensures that the conditions of the Certificate of attestation number 79 A100392, issued by ANO PTSNTO "Volga-Industrial Safety" (effective until December 25, 2017) are met.

Scope of certification:

  • Vessels working under pressure over 0.07 MPa.
  • Lifting cranes.
  • Steel structures of technical devices, buildings and structures.
  • Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, operating at a pressure of over 16 MPa.
  • Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, operating under vacuum.
  • Technological pipelines, pipelines of steam and hot water.
  • Railway facilities: vehicles (tanks, containers), packaging - intended for the transport of hazardous substances (except for liquefied toxic gases).

A limitation of the field of certification are:

  • Prohibition of the production of X-ray inspection of cranes.
  • The use of magnetic particle testing method is permitted only for railway facilities.

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