Technical capabilities

The company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing the following equipment:

The non-standard equipment section is specialized and equipped in manufacturing a variety of equipment, components and machinery parts, machinery and production lines. The modern production base, equipped with all necessary equipment, highly skilled workers and engineers enable us to address the unique challenges in the production of non-standard equipment for customers of any level.

If production needs can not be effectively satisfied with standard equipment, or its implementation due to the extra costs or unwarranted changes in the existing production lines, the best solution will be to turn to the production of non-standard equipment.

With extensive technical capabilities, extensive experience and qualified personnel, non-standard equipment is produced a lot as a single and standard non-standard equipment of varying complexity and purpose, including, but not limited to the following:

  • pumps vertical centrifugal
  • submersible pumps
  • firing fuses (flame arrestors)
  • pipeline parts and details
  • inspection lights with flat glass, straight and angled filters
  • conveyor belt, plate, ladle
  • various metal structures (site maintenance, fences, stairs, design of flat and long products, and others.)
  • regulating valve
  • valves
  • standard components and spare parts (flanges, fittings, manholes, plugs) fasteners

Another segment of our non standard production facilities - is the production of individual orders.

. Products can be manufactured as per documentation of the customer, and on the documentation developed by the plant design and engineering department in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

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