Technical capabilities

The company is engaged in the production of equipment used by various welding methods such as:

  • Manual arc with coated electrodes and mechanized welding in shielding gases of carbon, low alloy and high-alloy steels;
  • Manual and mechanized welding of aluminum and its alloys in shielding gas;
  • Automatic submerged arc welding of carbon, low-alloyed and high-alloyed steels austenitic

Quality control of welded joints is carried out and is available at the company laboratory:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) - a certificate of attestation number 79A100392;
  • Destructive testing methods (ILP) - mechanical tensile testing and static bending tests on the intergranular corrosion;

All used welding technology in the enterprise are certified and have a certificate of attestation NAKS (number ATSST-17-00422, № ATSST 17-00700, № ATSST-17-00635, № ATSST-17-00502, № ATSST-17-00621, № ATSST -17-00622).

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