Technical capabilities

The company manufactured various types of heat treatment (hardening, tempering, normalization) with the use of shaft and chamber furnaces, processing of HDTV. Maximum product dimensions: Ø900 mm, length 2000 mm, maximum temperature 1000°C. The heat treatment may be either semi-finished products of steel and alloy and finished components and parts.


Furnace shaft one HUNDRED 10/10

the heating Temperature up to 1000°C
Charge weight up to 900 kg
Maximum product dimensions: Ø900 x 2000 mm

Chamber furnaces

the heating Temperature up to 1000°C
The maximum dimensions of the product:
Length – 800 mm
Width – 400 mm
Height – 250 mm

HFC plant

Induction heating plants with a capacity of 100-150 kW, mainly used
for surface and through hardening, welding of sintered materials.
max diameter of workpiece – 400 mm
Maximum length of workpiece – 1000 mm
Greatest weight of processed parts – 20 kg

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