The primary trade union organization

The primary trade union organization Nizhny Novgorod regional branch of the All-Russian trade union workers of the defence industry at Sverdlova SOE
Starting from June 1917
trade union organization of the factory has its own unique history
Throughout history – both the pre-war and war years, the restoration period after World War II, 60-80 years - the period of the most dynamic economic, production and social development, through the perestroika '90s, during the recession the 2000s and in present times; Sverdlovchani (people of Sverdlova) have always taken a creative approach to problem solution.
History has been humble with regard to the true facts of the heroic labour of the factory workers. There are hundreds of examples of how technical boldness, inventiveness, patriotic enthusiasm and teamwork at the plant contributed to an increase in output, reduction in production costs, material savings and higher productivity.

The main objective of the trade union - the improvement of living and working conditions of union members, the protection of individual and collective socio-economic rights and interests of union members in the field of employment, labor relations, wage conditions, health and compliance with social guarantees.
Why do we need our trade union:

  • The union is negotiates with employers on behalf of the employees to conclude agreements and collective bargaining, monitors their implementation
  • The union enforces that the employer is acting in accordance with the Russian labour code;
  • The union protects union members from illegal fines and dismissals
  • The union, through its elected bodies, uses its authorized labour protection monitors the state of occupational safety and health and the environment;
  • The union represents and protects union members in courts with regard to labour disputes;
  • The union conducts cultural - mass, sports and recreational work events.

Due to our focused work, social partnership enterprise administration and trade union committee fails to fulfil the obligations of the collective agreement and to provide decent social benefits to employees.

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Contact Information

Title Name Telephone/ факс Fax E-mail Company
Chairman of the Union Shishkin Sergey Vladimirovich (8313) 39-52-62
(8313) 36-02-63
Deputy chairman of the Union Ryabov Tatiana (8313) 39-53-08
Technical Inspector at RT at the trade union committee Krylov Tatiana (8313) 39-60-71
Chief accountant of the Union Kokorin Tatiana (8313) 39-60-50
Secretary of the Union Arzhanov Elena (8313) 39-53-62
Cashier Fudaler Elena E. (8313) 39-60-71