Sport complex "Uran"

1927 год  Construction of the Health and Wellness Centre "Uranus"

The "Uranus" cenre is a structural subdivision of Sverdlova SOE, Its construction commenced in September 1927. Before the war it was a center of sporting life in Rastyapino village, and then in the city of Dzerzhinsk. He is rightly called the founder of sporting life in our beloved city. To this day HWC "Uranus" lives on in health and in spirit.

2009 год  children's sports section resumed

Since 2009, "Uranus" renewed children's activities, which includes complimentary classes. Today Uranus run football clubs, volleyball, chess, weightlifting and dancing classes. Annually children are recruited from the ages of 6 to 14 years in the initial training of the group. With this year's general physical development of the organized group for the youngest starting from four to six years. Most work is done by coaching and teaching staff, which successfully resolves the problem of attracting children and teenagers to physical culture and sports, health promotion, education of the younger generation, the growth of sporting skills.

Pupils take part in city, regional and regional competitions.

Fitness center includes:

  • large football field with a stand for 826 seats
  • mini-football field with artificial turf
  • hockey court
  • Weightlifting Hall
  • "Yulin" gym hall
  • athletics track 400 m
  • sector for long jump
  • game room
  • locker rooms and showers

Every year for the city's residents and visitors is a center of winter recreation:

  • ice rink for public skating
  • hockey court
  • sports equipment rental (skating, skiing, Ice-boats, hockey sticks, pucks)
  • speed skates
  • dressing rooms, wardrobes
  • spacious parking
  • homely cafe
  • ski run 1500m

Adult fitness classes are conducted, including for Pilates and fitness Fitness simulators.

One of the main activities of the sports and recreation complex "Uranus" is mass work with factory workers. Competitions are held annually between the factory workers in 16 sports. As a result, a factory team to participate in local and regional competitions, where Sverdlova SOE maintains a leading position.


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