Veterans council

May 28 1957
establishment of the veteran organization, which is named the Veteran Council.

The purpose of the veteran organization:

Become a link between the administration of the enterprise and its retirees, who provided plant and today provides all possible assistance.

Aims and objectives of the veteran organization

The purpose of the veteran organization of Sverdlova SOE is to promote the protection of the legitimate rights of veterans and provide them with decent position in society.

To achieve this goal the veteran organization resolves issues pertaining to:
  • upholding social activity and adaptation of employees who have completed work; mutual assistance, mutual aid and support for veterans;
  • facilitate the organization of leisure and recreation of pensioners;
  • involvement of veterans in the heroic and patriotic education in the traditions of Sverdlova SOE of youth and school sponsored schools

Registering in the Veteran Council

  1. The purpose of registering in the Veteran Council is to aid pensioners and retirees from Sverdlova SOE and social enterprise organizations.
  2. Total work experience in the enterprise is added (including and counting for any intervals) with the exception of cases where an employment contract terminated by the employer for violations of labour discipline articles.
  3. The total length of service in the company is included in the work of public organizations, and elected officials.
  4. Seniority is taken into account, if the employment contract was terminated by the employee to care for sick relatives.
  5. Veterans who have received an occupational disease or work related injury while working at the company, may be registered in the veteran organization irrespective of regardless of which plant they retired from.
  6. The members of the veterans' organization may be persons who have been dismissed from the company in connection with the downsizing (Art. 81 para. 2 of the Labour Code), or by agreement of the parties (Art. 77 para. 1 of the Labour Code), who have worked for the company for over 25 years (women) and 30 years (men).

Providing veterans with social benefits

Providing charitable assistance to veterans - former employees of the plant, released for sabbatical from the factory, is based on section 8.2, 8.5, 8.15 of the Collective Agreement, concluded between the company's employees and the employer.

Veterans of the enterprise, allocated vouchers to sanatorium "Oka" for a period of 14 days and provided with compensation in the amount of 75% of the trip price (within the approved "Care" amount for the program) in accordance with the Regulations for the allocation of holiday trips.

Veterans Enterprise provides free medical & health care to members of the organization (except dental prosthetics).

Veterans who are interested in health and sport benefits are provided with significant discount at the Health & Wellness Club "Uranus".

Veterans Job Board:

2 Committee have been established:
  • Committee of war veterans. Headed and lead by Zemlyanukhin Fedor.
  • Labour Committee formerly headed by Dymovich Leah A., Dymovich Leah A.,, now headed by Khokhlova Emilia Ivanovna

The following organization have been established by the Committee:

  • organizational and methodological
  • heroic and patriotic
  • cultural
  • on Social Security and Medicare
  • maintenance of housing and communal and social life

These commissions remain active to this day.

Since February 2006 г.
the President of the Council of Veterans - –
Kuzovleva Lubov.

Deputy - Tsyganov Nadezhda.

Veterans Job Board Achievements:

  1. Revived the Veterans Choir with an appointed Choir leader - Solokhina Svetlana.
  2. Provided health classes to Groups of veterans, with health services and benefits to veterans for attending the gym and sauna. The health classes and group are led by a masseur (member of the National Federal Masseuse Association) Seredneva Valentina Petrovna and Karpychev Evhen. Free bus shuttle transfers between their Veteran homes and the health facilities.
  3. Every week, Veterans Council distributes among its members for 200-300 copies of the factory newspaper "Sverdlovets".
  4. Since 1991, a program entitled "Care" in the enterprise, aimed at improving the social protection, economic and moral well-being of veterans of the enterprise. As part of the veterans programs; now provides:
  • medical assistance in the IFL
  • allocated financial assistance for medical treatment, based on financial eligibility, payment for funeral services
  • offers rest and treatment in sanatoriums.